Who Are You?

My name is Mike and I love cars, motorcycles and racing. I've been shooting photographs for about 20 years and picked up motorsports seriously in 2009. Once i started to experience the speed, power and beauty of what motorsport had to offer, I fell in love and kept at it.

Who do you shoot for?

I have been a photographer for all manner of organizations. My main subjects are Hooked On Driving Northeast, Jeffapalooza, NASA Northeast, and the South Jersey SCCA. I have also photographed pro series such as ARCA Racing, Formula Championship Series, MotoAmerica and Trans-AM. I'm a regular photographer at New Jersey Motorsports Park, so there has always been a lot of opportunity for me to shoot.

How do I buy my Pictures?

This site is a full featured e-commerce site and I offer both digital files and prints for sale. If you have a special request, such as canvas or photo metals or gifts, please feel free to use the contact link above and send a request. My full catalog is available on the Catalog Page.

Which Digital File do I buy?

On the shopping cart I offer files in 2 resolutions. The low resolution file is made specifically for sharing on the web. It is small and loads quickly and carries a small brandmark for identification. If you want to remove that mark and/or make prints, the high resolution image file is a 13.5 MegaPixel resolution, capable of being printed up to poster size (24x36 inches) with good clarity at any decent shop.

I need to use my images for promotional materials, how do I make sure I am licensed for that?

Digital files purchased through the web page are currently only licensed for personal use. If you need promotional or commercial licensing, please send me an email. I may offer promotional licenses on the site in the very near future.

You used to offer even higher resolution images?

The "ULTRA" Resolution images are available by request over email at $50 per file (no discounts). These images are not suitable for sharing over the web and really only chewed up my web space and traffic. If you are interested in Ultra Resolutions, please send me an email.

You no longer offer packages of files?

Packages were the only way I could offer a price break on multiple images in the past. This year I have the ability to use discount codes which allows you to get exactly the number of pics you want without having to hit an exact number. You can find them on the Discount Codes page.

Your Print Size offerings are a bit strange? Where is 8x10 and 11x14 or 16x20?

The Print sizes I offer are all based on the shape of the image that comes out of my camera. Without getting into too much geometry, the aspect ration, or shape, of the picture that comes out of my camera does not line up with traditional frame sizes that are based on the shape of old medium format film cameras. That mismatch sometimes resulted in cars and people getting cut off. If you REALLY need a specific size, most of them can be trimmed when you get them, or you can contact me for a custom size quote.

Are you shooting XYZ Event?

Check out my Events Calendar page for this year's shooting schedule.

My event is not on your schedule. Can you come out to it?

That depends on if I am sanctioned by that organization and/or if it fits in the schedule. The best thing to do would be to shoot me an email using the Contact Me link.

Did you shoot before 2017? Where are all your old photos?

This year marks a new web site. I have managed to get 2017's images together, but am still working on the older stuff. Keep checking back or send an email and I will look in the archivesif you need an older image. The archives go way back to 2009.

There are SO many images of the event I was at! I can't find my car. Can you help me locate my images?

As always, send an email with the event name, your run group, car number, car color and car MAKE (IE: BMW, Ford, Alfa, Corvette...) and I may be able to help you locate your images or set up a private showing. This can be pretty labor intensive, so serious inquiries only, please.

I'm a driver with a series and I think you could be a great sponsor. Do you have sponsorship opportunities?

I am not offering sponsorships at this time.

Do you drive?

LOL, I wish I could, but right now, photography takes up too much time and resources. Besides, if I drive, I can't shoot ;) Though if you want to offer your car up for a session, I won't turn it down.

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